A Call To Renewal In The Spirit

Some 800 years ago, an amazing move of the Holy Spirit swept through the Catholic Church. Just as after the days of Pentecost in the early Church, wonderful manifestations of the Spirit were clearly seen among the people of God, and the Church was powerfully renewed.

The historic renewal from God was largely accomplished through the simple faith and love response of one Francis of Assisi (1181-1226). His example called all men and women, married or single, to respond to the move of the Spirit as gifts of tongues, prophecy and healing were given once again to the followers of Christ.

St. Francis was in love with Jesus, the crucified Savior. "Intoxicated by love and compassion for Christ, blessed Francis... would joyfully pour forth the sweetest of spiritual melodies, often singing in French. Sometimes he would pick up a stick... and draw another stick across... like a bow, as though he was playing a violin or some instrument" (Mirror of Perfection, No. 93).

The Crucified Savior gave this mission to Francis: "Go rebuild My Church."